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Mercedes OM617 Powered 110 Build Up

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The starting vehicle:
1986 110 with 2.5 liter Petrol engine, leaking fuel tank, and interior and under hood area covered in carpet and other sound deadening material.

Purchased from a UK dealer. It was used by DRA for flight testing of countermeasures equipment. Unique in that it had 44,500 miles and was without front vents presumably to cut down on noise and interference.


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It was about 21 seconds, by the way
Not that bad for a big heavy brick! I'll have to do a 0-60 on my OM617 with the M-IP to see how it compares.
Or a good old fashioned drag race might be better.
That would be fun!
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I am installing a Holset HE221w turbo to the OM617. It is supposed to be a lot more efficient of a turbo than the HX30 and light years ahead of the original Garrett.

The trickiest part was getting the T25 mount of the OM617 manifold to T3 of the HE221. I found an adapter on eBay that used 2 of the 4 stock bolts. I TIG welded the parameter and then had the manifold ceramic coated. Attached is a picture of the adapter made by Mamba.

The HE221 has a M10x1.25 oil inlet. I got an M10x1.25 to AN-4 adapter off Ebay.

The drain I am getting from the person I bought the turbo from. It will have a AN-10 fitting and I have a bunch of old AN-10 hoses to use.

Air inlet elbow will be Cummins. Expensive but I didn’t feel like trying to find and fab something that will work.

Exhaust I actually had a V band and a V band clamp that was shallow enough to use.

I had to make a relocation bracket for the wastegate actuator after clocking the turbo to fit. I borrowed some of the exhaust flange bolts. Seems to fit pretty well.

Pictures attached:

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Any progress reports since the installation? Getting the same turbo for my OM617 when the stock unit fits the shan.
Sorry - I used it for a little while and then sold the whole setup a few years ago. It was nice that it would create boost right off the line. Someone on the OM617 Swap group on FB had some numbers laid out for this turbo (and many others too).
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