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Mercedes OM617 Powered 110 Build Up

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The starting vehicle:
1986 110 with 2.5 liter Petrol engine, leaking fuel tank, and interior and under hood area covered in carpet and other sound deadening material.

Purchased from a UK dealer. It was used by DRA for flight testing of countermeasures equipment. Unique in that it had 44,500 miles and was without front vents presumably to cut down on noise and interference.


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On mine, with old style primer pump,a o-ring at the top of it had broken, I ran some sealant around the top base n never had an issue with it getting air in again, also running electric pump too tho
Good to hear, takes a bit to get it all dialed/setup but it's really nice when it is

& maybe a long run (2-3hrs) can dislodge some built-up carbon in the rings n get smoking down some
M-pump & 411's, 255's, R380 with Ashcroft lower 5th, & 1.2case, she's crusin ok,
Egt's 875-1k at 63-70 mph
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Don, been at work alot lately not keep up with your build, looks excellent!!!!,
New. 315's & set alda back to paint marks when it came.

Makes a huge difference them new injectors, RD kinda got cheated when visiting due to only 2 or 3 injectors working at low pressures and other two defunct.

Running 14lbs boost n kinda remembering the KKK's better performance with the frozen wastegate making me think on trying 16lbs for fun.
Big difference the more boost it gets, someone mentioned going to 20 n better but I'm too cautious.

Glad to read it's working for you!!!

------ Follow up post added November 28th, 2016 07:15 PM ------

He's been working on MW pumps last he posted on FB iirc ;--)
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They've just teamed up with dieselmaken to sell pumps if I understand correctly,
Om617 isn't that far away to do this
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A very knowledgeable man in the om617 world mentioned to adjust the valves every 3k miles up to 4 times in the first 10-12k miles to properly reseat them not knowing what or how the previous owner/s history of it being done can make one of the biggest improvements overall.
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You can also wrap the turbo in a blanket that's supposed to lower egt's around 100°, mine also did this tho it was the driver's side, the shield for reasons I don't remember wouldn't fit,but failed because of oil contamination.
2hrs to replace isn't so bad.
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