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Mercedes OM617 Powered 110 Build Up

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The starting vehicle:
1986 110 with 2.5 liter Petrol engine, leaking fuel tank, and interior and under hood area covered in carpet and other sound deadening material.

Purchased from a UK dealer. It was used by DRA for flight testing of countermeasures equipment. Unique in that it had 44,500 miles and was without front vents presumably to cut down on noise and interference.


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Hey I'm having the same issue with my OM617 swap in my Disco. You think it could be the same problem. If I'm at half a tank and hard on the pedal or going up hill it just cuts the fuel off and dies.
I'm going to remove the disco inline filter and do away with it as I don't think its needed.
Then do a full diesel purge and with new filters and hope that works.
So you just pull the fuel line going to the IP and cranked it over to test the flow?

PS thanks for the VERY first adaptor by the way, still going strong : )
If you are still using the petrol fuel filter then that will very likely be your problem. A petrol filter is not designed to flow diesel. I rememeber when Robert's Isuzu powered RR was starving for fuel. He isolated the issue to the same filter. After it was removed the diesel stavation disappeared and the performance jumped measurably.
I'm totally confused by post 129. That engine doesn't look just right. It's suppose to be painted with old hammerite and plenty of drips and runs! Isn't that right, Robert? :grin
1 - 2 of 401 Posts