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OM617 Oil Pans are coming out... Here is a picture of 13 adapter castings and 9 oil pan castings that went to the machine shop months ago. The second batch of oil pans for the 90 & 110 conversions is in the final stages. If you do the simple addition, the other 4 pans are almost done which are part of a 13 unit production batch which will come out in chunks through the fall and winter. Dropping these 4 off at the welding shop this morning, see second picture. Then after they are welded will go to the machine shop for the final finishing. In a few weeks we should have 4 more oil pans ready for anyone wanting a kit. In summary, have sold 1 kit from this second batch, so will have 3 complete kits for the 90 - 110 available shortly if anyone wants one. Bringing the OM617 110 to the Cove this weekend if anyone cares for a test drive. The OM617 is federalized and completely approved by all applicable US agencies, so there should be no issues with converting a 90 or 110. We also have some transmission mounts for the Short Belhousing "Stumpy" R380 and LT77 if you need these for your conversion shown in the last picture. And we still have 3 kits left for the Series IIA and III available as well. We won't run another IIA - III batch until next year. Then that should end the production run of the OM617 conversion.
Are these still available for purchase? Thanks! [email protected]
1 - 2 of 401 Posts