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Hello, my son and I are doing a OM617 swap into a 2008 Jeep. You do awesome work. Do you sell these oil pans? Will they fit an OM617 from 1981? Thanks in advance.
Custom Oil Pan for the 110

With the oil pickup just behind the front diff tube, designed a custom oil pan.
The top half is cast and the bottom constructed. This was not easy, but eliminated the clearance issues and could be easily designed to compensate for the slight engine tilt necessary to keep the stock oil filter housing with the stock oil cooler lines and all the thermo valves and spring loaded this and that...

The back of the OM617 stock oil pump housing is cast as one piece that includes the oil pickup assembly. In order to build a rear sump, it requires manufacturing the back half of the oil pump from scratch in order to take a long pickup tube. I did this successfully years ago (for a Classic RR conversion) that never went into production because it was too expensive to produce.

Note the baffle to keep the oil from running back when on a steep incline. The oil pump is complicated with a relief valve that recirculates unused oil making it great for off-road use. This is unlike most oil pump designs that simply dump unneeded pressure and volume back into the sump area of the pan.

So you can see how important it was to space the engine back enough in both the 110 and the Series III, thus the short adapter shown above...

In the 110, to clear the front diff (eliminating the need to modify the suspension).
In the Series 88 & 109, to clear the stock radiator and leave the stock 4 cylinder bulkhead and transmission unaltered and unmodified.
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