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Model: 1995 Land Rover Discovery "S" model and
Location: Perth, Australia
Contact: [email protected]
Other Rovers: 1969 Land Rover 88" Series IIa and Land Rover 88" Hybrid

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1995 Land Rover Discovery "S" model
300 TDI
5spd Manual
Basically stock except for the Nudge Bar and "Hayman Reece" HD tow bar.
This is our family vehicle, we also use it to tow our 18Ft Boat and for
light off roading.

1969 Land Rover 88" Series IIa
2.25 Petrol (gas)
Believed to be Ex Australian Army
pto capstan winch
This vehicle is road registered and runs, but needs a lot of work and
money spending on it

Land Rover 88" Hybrid
Ever since I saw a D90 in a magazine I wanted one, but this could be kinda
hard because they have never been imported into Australia (we only have
110s and 130s) and the cost of importing one is very prohibitive
(especially since my dad is paying). My dad had agreed though to refurbish
a LR with me, so after some consideration we decided that a hybrid built to
look like a NAS D90 (the best looking defenders) was the right way to go.
It is based on a 1977 RR rolling chassis with a S11A rear tub and Defender
front end, below is what I expect the final spec to be, I hope it will be
on the road early in the new year.
1977 RR chassis cut to 88in
axles and diffs from the same
3.5L RR V8
4spd manual (a ZF auto would be preferable)
custom +2in springs
Rancho 9000s
hinged radius arm
Defender Bonnet, Wings, firewall, windscreen, etc
S11A rear tub with removed bulkhead and swing away tailgate
8Pt safari cage. NAS lookalike
Defender dash and instruments
Defender fender flares
Custom rear fuel tank
15x8 rims with 33in BFG MT tyres
discovery seats
full doors for winter, 1/2 Height series doors for summer
Red OR yellow paintjob
NAS rear lights
bedlined tub
swing away spare wheel carrier

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