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1985 110 RHD V8 with LT85 which I'm hoping to swap out the LT85 (very worn) for a low mileage R380.
I have the R380 with long V8 bell housing (came off V8 Defender) but it did not come with the tower or linkage for the diff lock/ hi low selector. Can I use the existing diff selector off my LT85 and just swap out the two rods that go from the cross shaft down the sides to the selector levers? Not sure about having to swap the cross shaft either. Trying to get the parts before start the swap.

Looking at the parts catalog for mine and the later model's look like almost all of the parts are different numbers but was not sure if that was due to part number rolling or in fact a entirely different design was needed for the R380.

Any help or advise would be much appreciated.

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