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LT230 transfer cases

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I have been trying to find a used 1.4 LT230 transfer case. I found one at a Land Rover shop that does LS conversions.

However, he says it is an earlier “steel back case” and that some people prefer them while others want the newer versions.

Is there any reason I wouldn’t want a “steel back case” for my project?


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He is sending photos in the morning, That should clear it up.
For example, just to add more madness to the topic, my lt230 20D 1.66 ratio transfer case, does have a steel PTO cover plate. Not the aluminum one. It s an early case and possibly a miss mush of parts being an ExMOD truck. Just verified this five minutes ago as I was checking my plan of attack for this weekend.
That helps explain his description. He has not yet sent the photos. I did find one (with aluminum PTO cover) from another forum member here and it is on the way. Thanks Eric!
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