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Hi all, new to forum.
Looking for some advice,
Recently replaced clutch, upon test drive I stopped to test diff lock, at that moment the TC jammed, and eventually with a bit of load, "banged" into moving again.
I then drained TC oil and found a chunk of steel on sump plug magnet.
Anyone recognize what this may be??

I did not do any work to TC other than replace outer seals.

I have seen a thread (#bossman) where he mentioned that his LT230 was "stuck" landed up saying that he had put the wrong bolt in the wrong hole (TC to gearbox) and the bolt touched a gear??

I am assuming I have done the same thing.

Even though this bit of steel found on magnet, still drives and sounds as it should, selects high and low, difflock works fine, but obviously something needs to be repaired.

Any advise would be appreciated


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I guess it has nothing to do with the other thread.
As this part had been isolated and token out off the main caising, you should wait along the naext big bang inside the trive train, take sound tracks about it and pix.
Have a nice first of April.
And Rover on.
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Having had “LT230 disintegration syndrome”, you might want to start saving for a replacement.
I’ve fried an R380 as well.

Generally not a good sign with large metallic chunks. I run Redline D4 ATF in mine and had zero issues for the nearly 100k miles. I just re-found the magnetic drain plug I got for it.

I check it every 3000 miles for level and condition. That oil lasts a looooong time where the Dino ATF was always burnt smelling after 3000 miles (in the old trans). But to be fair I have no idea what the care of that gearbox was before I took possession. The R380 runs very hot.
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