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LS3 Conversion - CDL Lever

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Does anyone know what the deal is with the CDL lever on the Fusion Defenders? I suspected that they put in a cable driven CDL lever from a Disco II but now I'm not so sure. I'm dropping an LS3 into my 110 and we're trying to figure out the linkages for the CDL. The kit we have came with a bracket to mount the old CDL lever in an odd position that's very close to the dash and frankly looks ugly as sin. Anyone know how this was achieved and with what parts?

Disco II CDL kit:

This kit claims it only works with LT230 serials that start with 41D or 42D and mine is 37D. I'm wondering how hard this would be to adapt.
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My LT230 as it currently sits.

With the adapter from RW Engineering.
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