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Locking Lug Nuts -- Lost the key!

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We were trying to install the new suspension lift on my truck today and discovered that the wheels all have locking lug nuts on them. Of course, there are no adapter "keys" to be found. I guess one of the previous owners lost them or something. Is there any way to get these removed without the key?


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The Land Rover Centre that I used to work at had a master set of all locking lug nuts.

Weld on a nut to the locking nut and wrench it off.
LR has a master set, for some reason they didn't have anything even close to mine.
Most have a figure 8 type patten, mine had three small holes at different degrees.
My mechanic used an air chissel and knocked them right off.
Of course you would need to replace the damaged lug nuts.
Thanks for the advice, guys. When I was at Discount Tire picking up my new wheels, I asked them if they had anything. Turns out, they had one of these tools (top left). They hammered it onto the locking nut and put it on an impact wrench and all five wheels were unlocked in seconds. It barely even scratched the lug nut locks. Too bad I don't have the keys--I'd sell them! :)

Thanks again.

You can get good quality set of locking nuts at paddock
for around 20£. I also lost the key recently and had to
buy a new set.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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