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My brother and I started this project with the goal of teaching him what it takes to bring a Land Rover back to life, and we bit off way more than we could chew given our schedules. We purchased a very rusty 1991 RRC, and nearly every YRM part necessary to replace what the rust ate. We might be the only people in North America who received products from Urban Land Cruiser in a timely fashion, which should make these parts highly collectible. We realize there is no way to gain our investment back, but we would like to recover some of our losses, and some space in our driveway.
YRM parts include:
003A x2 extended outer sill
030A rear door seal
036 RHS inner sill
035 LHS inner sill
009/010G A-G front wing repair panels left and right
046 x2 rear floor side skirts
208 wheel arch repair
209 wheel arch repair
086 085 (fixings 1027)
164A fixings
164B fixings
100 bulkhead mount left
099 bulkhead mount right
191 x2 mudflat bracket
060 059 headlamp unit left and right
189 discovery 1 rear floor
030 rear crossmember (installed on the truck)
167 body mount kit

What is good on the Range Rover
Rust Free upper tailgate
Great divide bumper
Coil conversion with OME shocks
Borla exhaust
General Grabber AT2 with 70% tread
All indicator lights intact
All glass intact
Tail light guards
Good headliner
182,641 miles, truck still runs and drives
Good interior (no, really) no rips in the seats, and we have the trim for everything in the rear

We paid $3,000+ for the YRM alone, and too much for the base vehicle. We are asking $2,500 OBO. Think of it like a smoking deal on YRM parts with a free RRC. I understand this may be a crack price but we are open to offers. We prefer not to separate or part out, it all must go together. Not really interested in trades, but if you have series parts we will entertain offers.


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