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Valve cover gasket looks good. The threaded hole in the flywheel cover (in your pictures above) is typically where a rear main seal leak will present itself (sure the old salts will pipe in here if I'm wrong). A clutch slave cylinder leak will present here as well, but you have an oil leak. Doesn't appear that hole is the source of your oil.

The UV dye is a great suggestion. No experience using it, however. Hard to tell with a black block, that's where the UV dye would help. Looks like 1 day and $30 bucks on Amazon could get you the UV light and dye necessary depending on where you live.

Get a bottle of ZEP purple power or your favorite degreaser and concentrate on the block area. Get it good and clean first.

Check to see if the crankcase breather hose has come off of your intake hose (runs along the back of the engine, over the bell housing). Oil coming out of your crankcase breather line to your intake is another problem, but at least you'd know where it's coming from.
Who you calling old salt Capt ?
1 - 1 of 40 Posts