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John McMaster

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Model: D90/Range Rover hybrid
Location: London, England
Contact: [email protected]

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Range Rover chassis (100" wheelbase) cut down to minimal overhang at front and zero at back
Tuned (about 250BHP and lots of torque) 3.5EFi moved back 10" in chassis fitted to LT85 gearbox
3.5 diffs with ARBs both ends
Rose-jointed panhard rod
Dual shocks all round
3" exhaust
Rock sliders
Dual fuel tanks in load bay feeding THREE electric fuel pumps in series (2 Facet red tops feed a swell chamber with the EFi pump immersed in it)!!
Radiator in rear with protection bar out behind chassis
Full AWDC/ARC roll cage with bull bar braced back onto it - does not flex!
Drives with 33"s on road and 750/16s for competition
Tops over 100mph with 0-60 sub 10 secs
Used for trialling and racing - oh and driving around in central London

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