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Currently this is my only car and it is extremely well taken care of and used. It is Turnkey. Pretty much everything works and I am not afraid of getting in this truck and driving it anywhere (not joking).It makes me smile every time I drive it and also makes everyone else smile. Drove the truck 3000 miles this past month as well as driving it to work every day. The motor is tuned and makes very good power for a 200tdi and really pulls, I would know since I have owned 3 200tdis. This truck is extremely well taken care of and is extremely well maintained. The truck does 75 on the highway(it is loud but it does it and holds it) it is geared high enough with the overdrive.

Here is some information on the 90
Right Hand Drive, Pickup
200TDI 4 cyl 2.5l Turbo
5 speed Lt77
With aftermarket Allisport Variable Nozzle Turbo
Frame is solid
Rebuilt injection pump and New Injectors
Morgan Hill Boost Pin
Resealed 1.4 LT230 Transfer Case
With New Romerdrive Roverdrive Overdrive (splits any gear High or Low Range)
Engine was installed 2 months ago with new timing belt and water pump and the whole motor was resealed.
Nolden 7" Bi Led Head Lamps in black
Rigid Industries flush mounted Led Reverse Lights
Custom Exo Cage
Custom Front Winch Bumper With Smittybuilt 9500lb winch with synthetic line
Custom Rear cross member with recovery points and sunk in trailer hitch receiver
X- Engineering Disk Brake Hand Brake Installed (last night)
WVO designs fuel filter housing with Cummins Fuel Filter
FASS Fuel Systems Electric fuel pump and Pressure regulator
New Alternator
New Drive belts
Tires and Wheels have 5000 miles on them 285/75/16 33" with Aluminum wheel spacers.
New Clutch, pressure plate, HD Throw out Bearing, flex line
New Seats out of BMW M3 (Super Plush)
New Calipers, Vented rotors, and EBC Green Stuff Pads
New Wheel Bearings and Races
New Teflon Swivel Balls and seals
New Polybush all around
New Terafirma +2 Shocks
New Brake Master Cylinder
New Clutch Master Cylinder
New Clutch Slave Cylinder
New Tie Rod Ends and Ball Joints
New U-Joints
New Glow Plugs
New Summit Racing Heater Core and Blower Motor (puts out way better heat than the LR Unit)
Reupholstered Headliner (black)
New 1250CCA Battery
Heavy Duty Draglink and TieRod from Rovers North
Diff guards
Rock Sliders
Re-cored 4 Core Radiator (truck stays super cool)
Tub supports and Foot wells have been replaced
Exmoor Trim Molded acoustic matting Here (makes a huge difference)
VDO Gauges (Oil pressure, Boost, EGT/Pyro, Mechanical Water Temp)
Bluesea Systems USB and 12V sockets
MotoLita Rover Steering Wheel

link to photos

Power steering is leaking at the back of the pump due to failed sealing washer (just top off as needed)
Passenger door latch does not reset automatically due to broken spring (currently I just manually reset the latch) The mech needs to be taken apart and a spring needs to be replaced.
Paint has plenty of patina which I prefer but some may not
Trans as recently been difficult to be put in reverse it works but the linkage need to be looked into, currently trouble shooting the issue.

The truck has had many configurations so some photos are older
I have made many friends in the Land Rover Community and it is a great group of people,
I am looking to get a different land rover due to my needs and life style.
Truck is registered and inspected VT located in Burlington, VT I drive down to Long Island a lot also.
Comes with a bunch of spares.
I would be open to an LR3 as a possible partial trade.

I am asking a very firm 27g due to extensive upgrades.
Feel free to ask any questions, it will be hard to find such a well gone through 90.


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I drive down to Long Island a lot also.
If you make it down anytime before it is sold, give me a heads-up. I'd love to see it. I'm working on a project starting with a similar vehicle and would love to share some thoughts and get your input.



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For those that don't know, Brandon spends more time under this truck than he does browsing tinder.

I truly hope you don't get rid of 'ole poo brown 9tee

The cage and rear crossmember on this truck are badass, as are the M3 seats, very comfortable.
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