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My avatar is of my lovely Defender 110 van, Cuthbert.

Cuth was only a humble, well used, County Council works van I bought in the UK. Many mods later, he was a truly beautiful, capable Landie and a much loved family pet. This vehicle NEVER let me down ONCE -even though some terrible things, which slowly came out of the woodwork, had been done to it by the chimp mechanics at the County Council.

I moved to Canada is 2005 and was heartbroken not be allowed to bring Cuthbert, due to brain dead regulations.

Cuthbert found, what I hope. was a good home.

I do have a very nice Jeep, but, sssh don' tell it, it ain't the same! Finding your forum and looking at your beautiful North American Defenders is, I must say, a wrench.
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