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HELP - Mantec Spare Tire Carrier Hinge Rear Brackets???

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I recently purchased a new Mantec Spare Tire Carrier and it didn't come with the three hinge backing plates. For clarification, I am talking about the backing plates go on the inside of the body capping and the rear crossmember that hold the swing away porting to the truck. The pictures on the Lucky8 site (didn't buy from there) show the three plates.

The person I purchased this from says the company in the UK claims there aren't any backing plates to be included and he reached out to Rovers North and they said the same. I have looked all over the internet and it would appear that some of these kits include the plates and some don't. I am incredibly confused at this point.

It makes sense to me that there should be some sort of plate at least for the inside of the body capping to hold the weight of the carrier. I want to install this thing instead of staring at it.

Have any of you encountered this? What to do? Thanks
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Hmm, interesting comment from RN. I bought mine from RN and it came with all the parts as listed in this instruction manual from the RN website, including the backing plates shown. I installed it last year and IMO, the backing plates are required. That said, if you can’t find them they should be easy to fabricate. Here’s a link to the RN instructions and parts list and a picture of mine installed.


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Mine came with plates. Worst case you could make your own with a piece of steel or something.
I guess I could make them but I would like to think that for $500 I would get all of the material to put this thing on. Sigh...

If someone has "extra" backing plates and wants to sell them to me reach out. Thanks for the replies guys.
Backing plates, are you referring to the rectangular pieces of metal that go on the inside of the body with the nuts tack welded on to them? If so, just skip them and use big washers and nyloc nuts. That's what I did.
Yes those are exactly what I am talking about.

Have you had any issues and did you also not have the backing plates included?
Make a template from the external part and transfer that to a plate, whether it be steel or aluminum. Goal is just to spread the load.
I have a couple new unopened mantec carriers. I could open one and show you the hardware supplied and or take measurements if that would be helpfull.
Hi Doug,

Thanks for the offer. I am going to try and make this work by buying a piece of aluminum and cutting it to size to match the backing brackets.

Where I could use a measurement is for the door. I never had a spare tire carrier on the door before so there aren't pre-existing holes for the plate with the piston to naturally bolt in to. Maybe I could just get the carrier installed and then try to make the plate and carrier match up but I feel that it might be easier to know where I should be drilling holes for the door.

Can you help there or does anyone have those measurements?
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