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Hello All,

Although I've owned two full size Range Rovers and one sport, I've always wanted a soft top D90. After years of searching, a few weeks ago my son and I flew to Boston and I bought one. AA Yellow, 100k miles on the clock, #1919. It has been a blast so far. On the second day home, a guy in a brand spanking new full size pulls up to me in a parking lot and offers to buy her on the spot! Can't drive anywhere without someone giving me a thumbs up, honking their horn, waving or stopping me to inquire about the truck. Heck, I even had a guy take pictures as I drove by :) Without question, the D90 is the coolest vehicle on the planet. This one will be in my family for generations.

In the brief time I've owned her, I've put on a new cat back exhaust, a/c blower motor, PCV tune up kit, water pump, Rovers North soft top, new heater hoses, all new fluids, got all lights operational, installed new floor matts, etc.. Saturday I'm fixing a leaky swivel ball. I can't believe how much fun I'm having!

I'm looking forward to connecting up with many of you to share tips, tricks and stories. If anyone is around western PA feel free to drop me a line. A local D90 club would be awesome!


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Hi Joshua,

I think that's the one but somebody stripped off quite a lot of the upgrades before I got her. For example, she didn't come with the following:

Cobra 29 LTD-ST CB unit w/ 4 foot Firestick antenna and remote speaker
ARB front bumper
ARB air lockers front and rear w/ braided steel air lines
4:11 Great Basin gears w/ Rover Tracks hardened rear axles
Rover Tracks canted rear trailing arms
Desert Rover suspension system w/ extraordinary articulation
Rancho 9000 adjustable shocks
OME steering damper w/ Safari Gard protector
snorkle w/ Centri pre-cleaner
K&N air filter
factory repair manual
factory parts manual
all receipts
The picture shows lock-downs on the bonnet but they are not on the truck.

She did come with a busted y-pipe, leaking right swivel ball and bad water pump though :)

All that being said, I couldn't be more excited to have her!
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