Hi folks.
Maybe some of you who have an ARB bull bar on your 90,110, or 130 have switched to Synthetic line and have removed your Roller Fairlead ( probably a Warn), and put it on a shelf....
Maybe I can buy it.

From all research and memory from my last ARB bull bar almost 20 years ago, only a Warn Roller fairlead would work on the ARB Bar, where you'd remove the vertical bolts holding the vertical rollers, press the unit against the bull bar , mark and drill the fairlead with 1/2" holes, then secure using bolts thru those holes and get longer bolts thru the rollers and into the protruding lip on the bullbar.

I have an ARB Bullbar on my LR90, but the PO never got a winch for it or Fairlead.

Maybe someone has the right Roller Fairlead laying around?

Also, What winch would the members here recommend on an ARB BullBar?

Thank you,