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Last subject in the Chevy 250 to 300TDI is ease of maintenance.
The Chevy 250 is long and narrow and provides ample room for maintenance with each and every part exposed and available.
The fan belts can be changed in less than 20 Minutes.
The starter or alternator in less than 20 minutes.
The power steering pump in less than 40 minutes.
The distributor is available for servicing as well as the plugs and wires.
The oil filter screws directly into the side of the block.
The thermostat housing is easily accessible.

The 300TDI fan belts are a pain to change and can take more time than anticipated.
Having to fish a new fan belt through the clutch fan and blades and then line up the belt onto the crank pulley is a problem for one person.
Changing the AC belt is worse.
Today I changed the AC belt on a 300TDI and replaced the AC tensioner.
Someone had stripped out one of the 3 tensioner bolts, so now I have to remove the grill, radiator, and intercooler, so I can remove the front cover to repair the stripped out aluminum threads.
Even with an insert, the cover will need to be removed to prevent aluminum chips from getting inside the front timing belt housing.
When doing maintenance on the 300TDI everything is tucked in with the serpentine belts and hard to access.
I dread 300TDI maintenance and fixing all the fuel and oil leaks.
One of my least favorite jobs is changing the starter and next is fighting a stuck injector.
I've had glow plugs break off and fuel shut-off solenoid issue, glow plug relays fail and have had to fight fan clutches to get them off.
None of these 300TDI maintenance nightmares exist with the Chevy 250.
So, when will you offer the kit for replacing the 300TDI with the 250? That's the one that I need 😁
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