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Gearbox and/or Transfer Case Leak

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I've been attempting to track down a leak that has been dripping off the base of the LT230 transfer case, I'm having a very hard time pinpointing the source of the leak. I put regular gear oil in the transfer case (green) and redline MTL in the LT77 gearbox (red), and while the oil that is dripping appears green the transfer case is actually still full and it's the gearbox that is steadily losing oil. At the risk of sounding really stupid (eh, I'll just accept it), could the gearbox be cross leaking into the transfer case keeping it full, while the transfer case is leaking out? I'm just confused why it seems like I'm leaking green oil but the gearbox is what is low.

Assuming it is just the gearbox leaking and I'm being color blind, what would be the most common culprits for sources of leaks? I'd like to get this tracked down as it is one of my last more significant leaks in my quest for the elusive relatively leak free defender. I've done some research myself on LT77 leaks but figured I'd get the consensus from the forum before I tear into this. I appreciate the help!
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I think LRNA sends you an annual gold plaque if you remain leak free - I hope to see yours soon
I think the seal between the boxes is bad and you are overfilling the transfer box. Is the level of the t-box correct when the tranny is down, or is it high?
The oil starts leaking out the fill plug of the transfer case when I pull it, so I was thinking that the seal between the boxes was bad but wasn't sure.
check your breather, clean the transfer case and then follow with leak look out. there are a number of places where a t case may leak.
3 seals, two output one input.
lower cover, breather tube, intermediate shaft seal. best suggestion, remove and reseal. if it has never been touched you are looking at 20 plus years of heat cycle service. time to reseal.
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