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Drivetrain Special!

Complete built 3rd member with GBR 4:10s and ARB airlockers; front is the more desired reverse rotation. New bearing kits were used upon installation and gear oil has been changed before every offroad trip. Approximately 25k on diffs. Axles have ~half of those miles.
$2200 for both diffs- compared to a new setup: gears=$395 per axle, ARB=$585-650 per axle, bearing kit=$139 per axle, labor=$100 per axle

Rear GBR 24 spline HD axles with drive flanges-$400 New=$599

Front GBR extreme duty 23/24 spline inner axles with HD 110 CVs, flanges and brass bushing-$1200 New=$1799.

Shipping not included
Contact me at [email protected].


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