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Garage build Thread

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I will be renovating my Garage over the next few months. I am not a fan of other garage sites so I will post here. I noticed on other threads some innovative door openers that really help my build out.

Over the next few months I will do the following:
1. New roof
2. New siding
3. Change from two doors to one large door
4. Add a side door to the garage
5. Add a large Window A/C unit
6. Run a sub panel (60 Amp)
7. Plywood the walls up to 4' then probably transition into Sheet rock
8. Add a small winch at the ceiling for lifting small items (up to whitetail deer size)
9. Adding Internet (WIFI booster)
10. Getting rid of other peoples Rover parts.
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Agreed on heat & a/c. Our walls are 2x6 framing & we used R19 batts.
When cats got stupid valuable we took a sawsall to all our personal and parts trucks and sold the cats.
replaced them with better performing & cheaper magnaflows. Used the difference funds to order a 3ton MR Cool minispilt designed for self install. The return on that investment in comfort has been huge. On 90+ days with high humidity it enables working 10-12 hrs instead of being wiped out by the humidity much earlier. On winter days we walk in & everything is warm. Total game changer.
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Wow some great advice. Garage is built and space was somewhat limited by Township rules but it's a nice space 20ft W 24ft D and 12ft high. Still enough room for some fun tools ;)
Someone was asking earlier (years ago I see) about ideas for a new build.

I had planned a proper garage years ago but life changed it never happened.

But a couple details I included were proper footer depth for a 2-post and “up lights” which were pool lights I found at the time to shine up off the floor under the vehicle. I also planned to use some body-shop influenced side lighting on the walls.

I also had planned a trench and sump. The floor drain idea won’t fly in a garage in CT, but if it is not open to drain or soil it is a spill containment. A spill goes to the trench (just 2” wide with grating) which feeds a sealed “tank” which can be pumped out. Big spills can be quickly dealt with (no puddles!) and properly addressed after to finish whatever caused that chaos. Tank/floor etc all sales with commercial epoxy that is acid resistant.

Otherwise wall outlets on separate circuits from lights so your not in the dark when (not if) you pop a breaker.
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