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I have 4 brand new, still in the box, side seats for the disaster military Defender that in the end did not get imported to Canada.

I believe, it is going back ten years so I am not sure, that these likely came from Simmonites. I think they are the Inward Facing Tip Up Seat on their site. Anyhow they are identical to those and they are the black vinyl version. They want 80 Pound per seat, less vat. Paddock wants 68 Pounds (for likely the same thing).

I have partially unwrapped one for photos. All necessary fittings come with them.

I thought I had 4 seat belts too, but now think I might have given those to a Series II pal of mine some years ago who was doing a rebuild - at least I cannot find them.

Shipping from Canada may be fearful on these - though our in the toilet dollar is of help in this respect. They come in 2 boxes, 2 seats each. I can get one weighed on Monday.

Pic attached. The seat back is just posed for effect, not in correct location, and still in the wrap. But we all know what these look like anyhow. I saw no sense in unwrapping them.

100% brand new, pristine, stored in a clean, dry, attic. No storage damage.

Ideas as to pricing helpful.



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