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Fuel Pump Relay

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Hey everyone. Trying to troubleshoot some suspected fuel pump problems on my NAS 97 D90. I have a new “Fuel Pump Relay” part no. YWB100820L that I am going to try to replace.

Now my google-fu is usually pretty good, but I’m just not having any luck finding where this relay is located! Anyone know where to find this thing on the truck??

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Probably the fuel pump has seen its day. When you first turn the ignition key on you should hear the pump cycle on for about 7 Seconds then shut off.

If it doesnt sound, you shld still hear the relay click off under the hood just after. When testing at various points (like the inertia switch or the relay) be aware you only have 7ish seconds of power to test until the relay clicks circuit off.

Check your ground on the passenger side at frame under door. There's also a harness connection bundle passenger side under hood at bulkhead tucked in farthest corner, you can barely reach your hand in there to find 3 various connectors 1 of which is in the circuit and believe another connector at rear of engine that may lead to the inertia switch. Reference wire diagram and cross with lrworkshop link for location to test. Most likely the pump.

1 - 2 of 14 Posts