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Hello- I'm sending out a feeler for a trade or sale of my truck. I love it but feel it's not getting the use it deserves given my work schedule and transportation needs. I only get to drive it just a couple of times per month and that's only to get things cycled. Looking to potentially sell or trade +cash for another Disco or Land Cruiser- I only need something to keep as a secondary driver for snow or other 4WD occasions. This had been my daily driver for around 8,000 miles until I inherited another automobile as a DD and wanted to keep the miles down for future enjoyment. I wouldn't hesitate to take it anywhere. Please see below:

1996 NAS Disco 1 SE7, Dark Green (Epsom-esque)
~193k (engine has significantly less- more like quarter to half- of that.) Also, larger tires mean that the clock is counting ~12% higher mileage than actual- just haven't gotten around to re-calibrating the ratios.

If sale- asking ~$13,500 OBO (if trade, obviously much less.)

Power all seats
Rear A/C
R380 transmission
Engine block heater

Trutrac front
Detroit Rear (with hardened shafts)
411 diffs, with a front Diffguard.

​After I obtained this truck last year- I put $8,000 into engine, body and mechanical periodic maintenance, probably unnecessary but got it to cherry. ​This truck runs 100% A+.

New brake lines replaced within 11 months
Heavy Duty Battery replaced within 11 months
New Timing Belt @8k ago
Any minor rust patch has been welded/ taken care of
​A list of 5 pages more of maintenance and upgrades last year as part of that maintenance package that I can scan if interested.​

Neoprene front seat covers
Dual sunroofs
SD roof rack
Rear ladder
4 Hella lights- detached but included
235/85R16 rims/tires (4 steels rims + dunlop AT's)
2nd set of 235/85R16 Federal couragia mud tires with full sized matching spare
OME suspension (2-3" lift)
Custom exhaust from the down-pipe back.
New Kenwood stereo with USB and Bluetooth (both handsfree and streaming)

​The entire engine and all parts in the engine bay look to be a 100% swap from a truck in the UK- all parts are 100% to the engine.

Extensive book of receipts for all work and the original engine and tranny swap.​

Shoot me a message with any questions and see attachments for photos! I'm an open book.


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Happy Easter, all. I am doing the seasonal fluid change and spring "freshen up" this coming weekend on the D1. I am now leaning towards trades for a 90 or 110 plus cash. Please let me know if anyone is interested! Thanks as always.
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