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Posting for a friend.
Please contact [email protected]

I'm not checking my PMs, so just email the owner if you want details.

This truck is known to me and it was completely restored in the UK in around 2008/2009 I think.
Galvy frame, rebuilt 2.25.
I think it has fairy overdrive but can't remember.
Owner also replaced leaf springs with 2" lift OME, OME shocks, HD rims and nice rubber within past year along with rack and some other extras. New carburetor, gas tank, fuel pump.

Has a lockable gun locker in the back (that originally came with my Defender).

He told me that the price was $25,000, but he's open to offers.

The pics are from a few years ago (but only ones I have at the moment) before the rack was installed, but the truck is essentially the same.

I'll try to run by his house and snap and post a few more pics soon, but Harrison (owner) can also provide some recent pics.


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