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For Sale
Nice 5 door TD5 rear tub
Straight except one bang in the top rail that can be fixed easy enough. Needs new capping.
Needs new wheel flares.

This is a quad cab tub. But with a bulkhead removal bar could be made to be a wagon.
No corrosion.

Pickup in Wilmington.
Price $3500
or buy the second row doors with this tub for total of $5200. Good deal for tub and doors. Turn you exmod into a 5 door!

I can crate tub with doors in it $200 plus shipping costs.

I have a used ribbed hard top and sides for sale as well.

I also have second row doors see my June 28 posting

4 Second Row doors for sale. Two BRAND NEW doors still in the box. Never taken out. (less the guts) and 2 used doors with the guts.$2700 for the 4 doors. 2 sets to make 1 new set.
These are TD5 doors. NOT puma doors. Or you can buy just the used doors from me. $1200 But they in my opinion are not worth restoring.

I can build a crate to ship them in $100. Shipping is on your dime.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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