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For Sale 1978 LHD 109 X-MOD Carawagon that was used as a mobile office by the British 7th Armored Division.
Located in SE Virginia.
Needs restoration.
Engine was removed, but have it in the shop.
Military oil cooler.
110 double sliding door tops.
Have all the parts to make it complete.
Roof was removed and a standard hardtop placed on-top to keep the rain out.
Roof needs new plywood, but have some new pieces cut.
Has the short galvanized roof rack.
$9,500 OBO
IMG_20190527_180052620_HDR.jpg IMG_20190527_180107201_HDR.jpg IMG_20190527_180246414.jpg IMG_20190527_180307671_HDR.jpg IMG_20190519_181857583.jpg IMG_20190519_181812229.jpg
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