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I’ve decided I’m not going to go back to a solid roof anytime in the future so I am selling my roof, sides, rear door, and the rack that’s on the roof.
I think it’s a Brownchurch, not positive. It is galvanized, and the crummy black paint is flaking off of it. The rear door is toast, but it’s a door if you need one.
I’m not interested in splitting up the roof and rack, i found it much easier to move the whole thing as one. No extra holes or leaks on the roof when I pulled it off to do a soft top conversation a year or so ago. I have most of the interior bits that go for it, but not all. It was all in my 86 Saudi Spec 110.

Asking $850 for the whole setup. I think it’s fair, especially with that rack.

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This is a great rack! (I have a similar rack)

Many manufacturers flatten the tubes and bolt one on top of the other at the intersections, but this is butted and welded!

Should be stronger and flatter than the alternative

The roof looks to be in great shape too!

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