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Have a slow weep keeping the weep hole moist at the timing cover. PROBABLY the crank seal.
Before I tore it apart and got into that, I wanted to make sure I had what looks like a simple procedure straight.
I've replaced the timing belt before, so I know my way in ok.

I've looked through the overhaul manual. Seems straight forward.

Do I need a puller to get the timing gear off the crank? I can probably/maybe produce one that would work, but i don't remember needing one before. If needed, any particular type? Will a pulley puller do?

Once I get that off, its a simple prise out the old seal and drive in the new lubricated one right? just like the rear main?

Thanks anyone that can help. I don't want to start into something and leave my vehicle disabled for an extended time getting parts/tools.
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