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As previously reported, we have rolled out a couple changes to the site's "skin". Previously the forum software was set at a fixed width of 800 pixels. I suspect this was done way back when 800x600 pixel monitors were used. Times have changed and the resolution of monitors have increased so it's time to expand.

We also added an optional right hand column which contains a list of recent discussions, handy for seeing what's going on and finding another discussion. You can turn off the right hand column if you don't like it through your UserCP >> Edit Options at the bottom of the page. Here is a link to the options page if you want to turn it off. The right hand column also showcases some of the Defender Registry trucks and runs a feed of newly listed Defenders on eBay US to keep an eye on Defenders being listed there. We are working on a feed for eBay UK as well.

Once again, you can turn off the right hand column if you don't like it. I'd highly recommend testing it out for a week and then deciding. It is a convenient feature that takes a tiny bit of getting used to the layout but most people like it when they get used to it.

Comments and feedback can be posted here.
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