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Exmoor limited edition cubby box

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Has anyone purchased this exmoor limited edition cubby with stereo…if so, does it have iPod connectivity? It doesn't seem to based on the product description and RN has not gotten back to me…I like the style but I can't possibly bring myself to purchase a radio with, at minimum, decade-old technology. Appreciate any feedback.


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That radio looks very much like the one in my LR3, but maybe for a much lower trim level.
Shoot me an email next time...I'm usually better than the others at responding :)

[email protected]

That being said, yes, we have hooked up an aux setup to it. Not sure if that's how we wire all of them, but the one we tested we got working on a desk with an iPod.
Does it have weather band ala mid- 90s discos?
Negative, but it does have 8 - track :)

But seriously, no I don't believe so. I think it was out of an LR2 or LR3, Exmoor purchased a lot of the radios to do this cubby.
Thx Zack-I'll give you guys a call
Don't waste your money, get a tuffy and a proper head unit .
Does it have weather band ala mid- 90s discos?
That was a great feature. But its now in most CBs so, not so valuable.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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