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Bought 4-5 years ago when I helped my wifes family commercial lobster and used to dive for lost gear. Has been sitting since and lost my job so need the $. Was all really good gear at the time and shows almost no wear from my 4-5 dives I did. Prefer not to ship tank (not even sure you can)?? located in southern maine. Think I paid $1500+ for all of it but looking for best fair offer as i don't know what it all goes for used. To satisfy board rules i'll put 1000$ obo

Aqua lung Black diamond BCD in medium /large
aqualung calypso regulator
aluminum tank
apeks 3 gauge console with compass
backup reg

Contact for more info, pics or to chat about it


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AL80 tanks sell for 100-125.00 used down here.
Need to know the hydro and born on date for it. Which is on the tank neck.
I'll check on the other bits
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