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We currently have vehicles in stock in the USA and UK. We have: 1 x 1988 110 rhd CSW TD in uk and 1 CSW in NC, 1 x 130 in NC, 1 x NAS 90 in NC, ! x 110 V8 project in UK, 1 x 90 in UK.
Our NC agent is in Wilmington.

We also have multiple diesel re-power kits available. And LHD conversion kits.

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I am awaiting import of a reconditioned "90 110 SW from Daniel and Peter at The Landrovers. The process has been good thus far and I'll let you know about the final product upon arrival.
Interesting, because I just saw this one for sale by them as well:
Land Rover Defender 130 | eBay

Keep us posted once you get your truck, I'm assuming they did work on it as well as are shipping it into the States for you?

eBay said:
DEFENDER 130, The Pick up Chuck!

Always dreamed about owning your own, one of a kind Land Rover Defender… We at The Landrovers now offer the option to build the Defender that is right for you! Do not hesitate to contact us, and start building your own Dreamfender today!

Interested in our ´Build your Dream´ program? Find out more

To experience one of our most recent builds, please check our video channel: Driving Experience

Name: Pick up Chuck
Body type: Land Rover Defender 130
Year: 1986
Mileage: 75,000
Title: Any
Current Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Final Destination: Anywhere in the US

Work and parts that has already been performed @ The Chuck and included in the starting price of $66,950

Finished in top quality Mercedes-Benz AMG Satin mat grey metallic
Completely rebuild engine
Completely rebuild gear box and transfer box
Completely rebuild brakes and suspension

The Chuck has been finished in the top quality Mercedes-Benz AMG Satin mat grey metallic.
New doors: to prevent the well know problem of galvanic corrosion, all 4 doors are replaced by new ones.

Brand new premium Diamond Exmoor trim seats (4), plus cubby box (2).

The chassis has been cleaned to bare metal and rust treated, painted and coated to ensure the best possible protection, to last at least another 25 years!


The complete engine is reconditioned. All parts that are subject to wear were replaced, such as valves, rubbers, gaskets, timing, water pump, hoses, belts, spark plugs, spark leads, air filters and so on. Further new parts in the engine bay are among others: radiator, oil filter, clutch system, release bearing and blower fan.

Drive Line

The complete drive line has been rebuild, including gearbox and transfer box.
Brakes and Suspension

The whole brakes and suspension system has been rebuild, including:
Brake pipes, cylinders, calipers, disks, pads, shoes and hoses.
Front and rear Axle: On the front axle we place new swivels and CV joints, on front and rear axle: drive axles and hubs including all seals and bearings.

Suspension: Springs, shocks, mountings and bushes. All new!We can perform any grade of restoration. From as-is to body off. We can go as far as you want and keep in mind that everything is possible! As long as you can imagine it, we can build it....


New battery
New exhaust
New fuel tank, pump and fuel lines
New…. all parts that are subject to wear and tear

Chuck Customization Premium Upgrades

At this moment she is in the final stages of her rebuild, here in our shop in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

However there are still a lot of customization options left, and the Chuck is waiting to receive her final touch. To get an impression of what is possible in our Build your Dream program: Find out more

To mention a few options left for customization:

Color and type of the bonnet (Puma style or Standard)
Color and type of the front grill (KBX style or Standard)
Color of the flares

Load space
Teak wood deck
Canvas Soft Top

Wheel and tires
Choose your wheels and tires

Color and type of fabric of headliner (alcantara)
Door cards
Leather dash
Radio, sub-woofer
Acoustic insulation

Side steps, rock sliders

Final Stage
Once completed, your Defender will be subjected to tough testing procedures prior to departure. Just to make sure all things are working like they should, and everything is adjusted to ensure a faultless Defender.

We can deliver to any port on the East or South coast, or even better just at your doorstep!

Contact, Shipment and Title

We have several options to get in touch, Would you like to receive a callback or see us in person through Skype conference, just let us know your preferred one.

Locations Europe:
Our main office and workshop is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. From here we have an easy access to all available Defenders plus parts in Europe. And above all: know how!
This is the location where most of the work is done.

Locations US:
For your convenience, we have three different offices in the US:
Our Houston TX office,
Our Seattle WA office, and
Philadelphia PA office/dealer
Let us know your preferred location and we will contact you.

Shipment and title
Shipping to any port on the East or South coast
Customs clearance including EPA and DOT tests.
Clear US title (TX, PA, or WA)

Us and our Customer:

According to the preferences, our ´build your dream´ customers are very much involved in the whole process. With all of them we've got contact on a daily basis, to discuss about all details and to provide them with
pictures of the progress made. The whole rebuild is very well documented by pictures, and an extensive list of all the parts and work done will be provided in ´The Presentation Sheet´.

Latest custom build customer testimonial:
After three years of looking for a “great condition” Defender 110 RHD in the US States with no luck, I stumbled onto The Landrovers website and eventually began communicating with Daniel Van Oort and Peter Zeisser. Within a couple of days I found myself excitedly considering a vehicle that wasn’t even in the US, something I had never considered prior.
You guys were top notch to deal with, at first I was a bit hesitant and skeptical but your professionalism and transparency helped put my mind at ease. You guys keeping me in the loop all throughout the project was tremendous, your response time was amazing. The final product was terrific, I have had the fortune of owning many nice vehicles and this Defender is one of the finest vehicles I have ever owned. My boys and I love going around with it.
I have enjoyed our business relationship, more importantly I gained a friend and thank you for all your trustworthiness.
S. Ghannam

For more information on the process, prices and references of previous customers please get in touch, we will be happy to assist.

Kind Regards,

The-Landrovers-horizontaal-blauw handtekening

Founders and Co-Owners,

Daniel van Oort and Peter Zeisser


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The engine, 19J in 1990, is a rebuild from Turner and the painting is done elsewhere, otherwise it is my understanding that the remaining work is done in house. Yes they will be shipping it into Houston. Apparently they have a representative there. Will keep the forum posted. I have high hopes.

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I just had an '88 110 inported through Heritage and I had a good experience. Communication was good and he was patient with a new buyer.

The truck arrived (after being stuck in customs for 3 weeks), it started, it shifted, doors all open/close/lock, windows go up and down. And a surprise... it has a radio!
The bonnet stay was disconnected, but that most likely occurred at the port, and hopefully will be easily fixed with a cotter pin.

As for more in depth mechanical analysis... I'm not at that level:)

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