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Defender 90 Rear Door Repair Unbending

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The spare tire bracket was mounted on the rear door of my truck. The rear door is now bent at the top and does not seal at the top. The gap is about 1/4"

Anyone have suggestions for straightening the door?

I put a swing away spare tire carrier.
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I mean, woof... I'd say get a new door but if thats not a option its going to be hard to bend something that long back without doing some paint damage I'd wager

you could need to build a frame out of 2x4s (turned thin side) then maybe a bottle jack or 2 mounted to a rigid frame.

In short it will likely cost you $50 in bullshit, 4-5 hours of time, and a pretty big headache to get it right.

Replacement for $300? plus another $300 in paint will get you there.

Or upgrade to the newer style TDCI rear one piece door. It will mount fine and update the ass end of your truck a bit.
You'll have to remove the door and place it on a hard, flat surface to figure out how bad it is and exactly where any force is needed to straighten it. If it can be straightened, remove the glass first rather than break it.
Thanks guys. I wasn't worried about damaging the paint. I have paint and a sprayer. Mine is a one piece door and other than this deformation, is in great shape.

As I was reading your responses, another thing I thought about is that the hinges may also be bent or deformed and even if I replaced the door, I would have to deal with the hinge problem as well.

Maybe I should drop by a body shop and see how they would deal with it. I've seen them straighten frames and the like. Of the the cost may be a factor.
I bought a new Puma style rear door, and new hinges. Lines up great horizontally, and 75% of the door seals well (pretty tight in fact), but the upper left corner is about 1/8-1/4 out, which sounds similar to your situation. Luckily, the seal seems to still be touching, and the roof channel extends out further, but still annoying as you know new doors are pricey. Was considering bending it but the door is true, so would be bending it would only cause it to not be flat. May pack out the sill somehow if needed to make up for it. My door is not yet even painted, but I can show pics later.
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