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Hi all,

New to the forum and looking for some advice. I'm thinking of buying an MOD 90 from auction and converting it to civilian spec.

The trucks in hard top guise come with a fibreglass roof, or in soft top. I'm not too concerned which I go for, as my plan would be to replace the roof with a civilian style roof with alpine windows, station wagon side panels and new rear door.

It will be a project for my daughter and I to do over time as a weekend fun car as we have a TDV6 Range Rover for our daily driver.

In time re-paint the military green and change seats and wheels.

Does anyone have any experience of covering the military WOLF's and what other areas are different from that of civilian spec?

In terms of cost, it may not be worth the hassle by the time I factor in all the cost of the conversion. However, having looked at some late 300TDI's and early TD5's for sale privately recently around my budget of £10k, I have been pretty shocked by the state of the trucks and what people think they are worth.

The MOD trucks I've seen appear to be in very good condition and have much lower mileage and I'm thinking they could be a much better base project vehicle.


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