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Model: 1980 LWB 280GE Gelaendewagen
Location: Colorado USA
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All this for want of a third door!
It started in 1996. I was on my normal track as a (then) GM employee of buying a new full-size, extended cab, GMC pickup every year on the employee discount program. When I bought my '96 they had just come out with the third door option, but weren't making it available on the employee discount orders. Kinda cheesy, but I "took one for the team", and ordered my normal extended cab pickup. When it came time to get a new '97, however, and they STILL wouldn't let me order a 3rd door, it was the straw that broke the camel's back.

I'd been admiring Defender 90s since I saw one at the 1995 LA auto show. I'd also heard that, despite there being no imports in '96, Land Rover was bringing in a few 1997s, and that was to be the last of the NAS D90s. All this, combined with a little egging on from my buddy Fred (who introduced me to Land Rovers at that fateful auto show), had me shopping the local LR dealer and ordering myself up a shiny new white (to hell with the color, I took the first one that came in!) D90 station wagon. I thought I'd keep it forever......

But alas, by millenium's end, I was restless again. I bought a Series 2A 109" diesel Station Wagon from one of the coolest guys I know, Zack Arbios of Sacrameto, CA. The story of bringing it back to Colorado is chronicled under "Desert Trek 1999" in the trail reports section of the "D90 Source" site. A few months after that, I took a nice 1998 Discovery as partial trade when I let the Defender pass to it's new owner, John Lee of Los Angeles, CA. I only had the Disco about a year before I traded it to Chuque Henry, even-up for a nice 1980 Long Wheelbase 280GE Mercedes Benz Gelaendewagen. I'm happy now with the series and the G.....we'll see how long it lasts. :^)

But the very best part of this odysey is all the great people I've met through owning these vehicles. All my friends from the LRO, D90, and Mendo_Recce E-mail lists, the local "not-a-club" of Series Land Rover enthusiasts - the First Mountain Division of Evergreen CO, and now a bunch of new friends all over the world in the G-wagen fraternity. In addition, I've met lots of folks through the internet by running the FAQ on the D90 source, my own personal page, focussed mainly on the Series and Disco, and now, running a site called and administrating the USGwagen e-mail list on Yahoo Groups. I bet even Saturn owners don't have their lives enriched this much by vehicle ownership

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