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Hello everyone. I am a proud owner of a red D90 1994 model in Cyprus. The car is great looks great, but the heat in the summer here is unbearable. The car came from the factory without air condition, and i am thinking of adding one. Anyone ever did this before? If yes can you share some info on costs, how to install it, which one to use, does it work ok in the D90... etc etc?

Also my front seats need changing and I been looking online for some seats online and found these.

Front Seats : Elite Seat MK2

Do you guys know anywhere in europe I can buy some seats and other things for the land rover?

Also I am interested on a back ladder, side steps, etc etc.

And one last thought... Currently my Landy is registered as a Van, which means that I dont have seats on the back. Just empty space. Would it be possible to add seats on the back?

looking forward to your thoughts!

Best regards
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