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D110 resto-slight mod

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Hello all. I have been around here for along time with my own D90, but my son wanted a 110 as a first car. I told him no and he found a sweet deal. Being the pushover that I am, we imported a truck for him. Anyway, he has 2 years to get it up and running.

These are the major short term goals.
1. Get a tire-tube that will work as we have one that is flat. Did not know these are tubed. Wow.
2. Put one of my old reman steering boxes in and get power steering back.
3. Figure out what to do about getting disk brakes on the rear. Also did not realize the rears were drum.

Long term goals.
1. Pull the motor and rebuild
2. Fix the dents and paint it a cool color.
3. Fix up the interior. Make it safer, including an internal or external roll cage. Not sure how we are going to go on this.
4. Add HVAC.
Anyway, we will be posting updates.


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150k is low mileage for a tdi engine. Given its 26 plus years old thats very low.
The cost to "go through" the engine can be quite expensive.
I'd change the belt, seals, water pump, and run it.
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