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Looking to see if there is enough interest in the White Dog/D-90 Source product run.

D-90 Source/WhiteDog Comics Inc Limited Edition Gear

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As some of you may have caught on to from hints in other threads, Michele Dallorso of WhiteDog Comics and I, for a while, have been working on the idea of offering exclusive D-90 Source/WhiteDog Comics gear, in special limited runs through the D-90 Source CafePress Store. If this works out, more limited runs on new works could be offered at differant times of the year.

As this is the first step of new ground for both Michele and myself, to see how this might work out, I am making this thread to see how many would be interested in this first run when it happens. Right now, this is only to see if there is enough serious interest from members to go forward with this, but if there is enough people speaking up, then I can set up a advance order/prepay system and the final artwork can be sent for pressing. The rough idea at the moment is that items will be priced about $3.00 - $5.00 higher than the normal D-90 Source items currently found in the CafePress store. As long as it looks good on the item, the limited edition artworks will be available on most of the wide range of products available from the store.

"Why a prepay setup at first?" or "Why so much higher priced?" you might be asking..
Two reasons, the first being that Michele is a very talented artist but like the the rest of us, does need to pay bills and eat. A considerable amount of time goes into making each cartoon and there is a cost assosiated with that understandibly. This leads to the second reason of, as this site is funded out of my own pocket, I cant afford to put the money out for additional product artwork that may take me a year to recoup. I would love to offer the limited run products at the same prices the other items are, but even if there is a good run on these, at the normal prices, still would take me a long time to recoup the expenceses not to mention cut into the already small proceeds I get, to go back towards the costs of mataining the site.

Below you will find a pre-production, work in progress of the first idea Michele and I have been working on. Like I said, if there is enough people expressing interest, the project can move forward so post up and let hear what you have to say. :)


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i like it and i would be in-but what about us hardtop guys?
I'm in, but I'm not interested in the girly shirt, however cute it may be. I like the yellow ST D90, but I'd rather just have some text.
Remember, this is just a look at a pre-production version. The text in that one is just something I had added to play around with and The D-90 Source/WhiteDog Comics branding/logos were not added in yet. For past things I have had Michele do for me, those usally would be last as the primary effort it to finalize the main art piece which you can tell from this write up of last years Xmas cartoon:

This latest work actually started planning early in the spring when the nicer weather was starting to move in but then I put a hold on it. Earlier ideas thrown around were something new for each change of the season so if this takes off, I am sure we could give the SW owners their fair shake. Plus it could make a good idea for this years Xmas cartoon :)
I'd like to point out that I own a SW (same as HT),so...
mattdh said:
i like it and i would be in-but what about us hardtop guys?
Chris said all,me...what can I say...being not a definitive version means some minor details I can adjust if/when the project starts,what we can't do is a different T-shirt to all tastes!
(hey,put 3 lights on!No,a roofrack!Man,I like it but I want to see it on 37"!You get the vision...)

Oh,and a BIG thank you to the fearless webmaster for all of above.
:embarress :blush :roses
I would buy that as a sticker just to irk my wife everytime she got in the truck :) . She already didn't like my "Unless you are nude, do not touch this truck" sticker. Guess she got tired of girls writing on my truck "I am nude". Atleast I hope they were girls anyway. :rolleyes .

I see nothing wrong with the artwork, unless you are p-whipped and scared of your wife/girlfriend

Chris Cox said:
I would buy that as a (...)Guess she got tired of girls writing on my truck "I am nude".
Just send a couple of those girls here and I'll be glad to design all the stickers you may need for free...


I'm in for a shirt. I know Michele and his work is top notch. He always has very :cool: stuff .
Chris Cox said:
I see nothing wrong with the artwork, unless you are p-whipped and scared of your wife/girlfriend
I was wondering whose truck I wrote "I am nude" on...

And just because my wife kicks my ass doesnt mean I'm afraid of her. Jerk.

Dang, I was hoping some hot chick had written that. By the way, what were you doing walking around in NC nude? Dude, I don't know if you were offended by what I wrote, but it was just a joke.
I'm from WA state, so the weather in the Carolinas has been a bit more than I can adjust to, I've been forced to go sans clothes. So though I'm hot, I'm not a chick.

I thought that the use of the ":grin" emoticon was pretty much accepted to mean "no offense taken."
Alternatively we could do another T-shirt with a huge oiled bodybuilder,just for the girls...
Alternatively we could do another T-shirt with a huge oiled bodybuilder,just for the girls...

Are there any women actively posting?

I think there are less then 5 female members, and i don't think any are all that active.
i'll take one. That is the shirt chris posted not the one michele suggested.
flippedrover said:
not the one michele suggested.

Er,which one,the oiled bodybuilder type?
Yes, I think it would be safe to say that short of a stampede of girls from the Rovergirls site, the oiled body builder idea can be put to bed. :)
I think (me) that the rough sketch is more or less fine.
Jokes apart my original idea was to put a pinup in.
Some may want her,some not,but the main point is they should like
the D90 at least.

Also,I'd like to say "don't worry" about HT/ST,90/110,
as I hope to have the chance to do them all sooner or later.

Anyway,me I just did the 'toon,and my lips should stay closed.
Chris kindly made a thread of it.

Choice is yours,just let's see what happens.

I'd really like to work on some new cool stickers...
Just an idea,maybe some inputs from Chris,
in spare time,stickers are a matter of 10 minutes.
I really love your (U.S.) bumper stickers I started
making some for myself...
OK,I quit!
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