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Complete Restoration has started (LS3 / restomod)

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So, let me start with, I bought my 94 defender because it had low mileage and maybe someday restore it.
When I first got it, the heater didn't work and the speedometer didn't work. So, I tore into it.....

The speedometer didn't work because the cable had come out of the back of the dash just enough. Simple Fix.
The Heater didn't work because it was completely seized. When I actually tore out the heater box, I saw a ton of rust. So I tore off the front right wing. A lot of Rust. So I tore off both wings.
Then, I decided, I might as well start the restoration process.

I've ordered a LS3 / 6L80E from turnkey Engine - ETA is end of April. (including all sorts of accessories required)
I've ordered a Puma dash / AC KIT / gauges from Ministry of Defender - I've received the AC Kit and some pieces, but the dash is going to Ruskin for leather.
I've ordered a galvanized bulkhead from Rovers North,I went with the 300 TDI bulk head because it was bigger - ETA is 3 months

I've ordered a new fuel tank from SD-Outfitters - ETA is guess at 60 days
I've ordered new 4 new Recaro bucket seats, new ceiling liner, new center console, new door covers, new bench seats, from Ruskin. I went with Gryphon color diamond stitching, kind of a baseball glove cover, on everything. This stuff is beautiful.
Gryphon - Ruskin Design - ETA end of July

I still need to deal with Axles, differentials, suspension, and transfer box.
I had a friend offer to help pull the motor, so what was supposed to be a 2 hour job, took 12. But we did it. Pulled the motor, transmission, and transfer case last night, and it was picked up today. Couldn't find anything by the time we finished at 11:00 PM....
More to come as I receive more parts, or pull the body off the frame, so I can fix the rusted spots and have the frame powder coated. Should also make the motor install easier.

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Downside to drain plug. Stopping it! I had what I thought was 4 gallos or less left, but do have extended side tank. I hat 14! And only 2 Home Depot buckets, I got very grimmy stopping the flow, lol.
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Well, after a long time and many decisions to make……..
She is going back together.
New galvanized chassis!!!
After so many debates on painting it, powder coating it, or leaving it just galvanized, I had it professionally line-x coated. This was such a difficult decision to make because I want it to be perfect and to last. Everyone seems to have a different opinion on this.
Nothing quite as polarizing as Line-X on a defender board except maybe sound deadening with Roofing Tar or Dynamat. Lol.

Personally! I love it. Whatever makes you smile! I mod constantly and many of the mods are not for everyone. Chassis looks great and exciting times to get it going back together!
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