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There has been some discussions lately about the changing atmosphere here on the site and now going into the New Year, I wanted to let you all know that we are working on this to get things back on track how they used to be here. I apologize for not being available here more the past 3 months but I have been working two jobs and the little free time I have, is spent with my family as much as I can. We all have day jobs and most of of us have a family that we go home too, so I would hope we all can appreciate the priority's.

However, the flip side to that is that as attentions get pulled away, the site continues to grow, especially over the past year with the rise in the number of visitors and legitimate new member registrations, it doesn't appear to be able to self regulate itself as its been able to historically and shown us the need to get back on track with getting the site back into order, and the need for more people watching over things when some of us cant. This is not a surprise and its not a bad thing, it just means the site continues to grow and as it reaches certain points, we need to adapt practices that larger sites all went through as they grew, unfortunately the signs slipped past us and here we are.

As most of you already know, discussions we have regarding moderation issues are not carried out in public and the decision to ban a members is not the result of one moderators actions, but agreed to by the whole team before any action is taken. One account of a member who has generated a large number of complaints/problems over the past months, has been disabled as a result. I encourage everyone to please take a moment and refresh yourselves on the site rules as more effort will be placed on enforcing them going forward:

Please be sure to also check the sub-forum guidelines posts as well (if the section has one posted in it for example the Classified section) for expanded rules we ask of you posting in that section. Any changes or updates to these guidelines will be posted or the thread bumped so it will be easy to tell if we have updated them.

Thanks for keeping things respectful and best wishes to everyone for a great 2012.
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