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Broke Off Key In Door Lock

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As the title states I broke the key in the door lock of my 1994 NAS D-90. Hey, it is almost a 30 year old key. What do you expect? The front half of the key is still in the lock. I have tried a couple of things to fish it out but no luck. I even pulled the door handle off the door to see if that would help. Any suggestion? Or am I going to have to buy a new lock door handle assemble?
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Mayb try a locksmith. But sounds like your going to need new key, if a locksmith can fetch it out.
Remove the lock cylinder, press all the metal tabs on the side of the lock cylinder. That will make it easier to remove the key, and it may just slide out if you shake the key toward the ground.

If not, take the cylinder to a locksmith.
What he said.

Once the cylinder is out, you have options. Be sure you don’t lose the plungers…
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