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Bonnet bushing different sizes?

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I noticed that my bonnet bushing was broken so I replaced it with a spare I have on hand. I hear a nasty vibration coming from my hood and to deduced it was a loose bonnet bushing as it is wiggling in the bulkhead bushing holder. I checked its size and the diameter is smaller than the broken one it replaced and smaller than the opposite side. Are there multiple sizes/diameters of these bushes? I ordered #346849. All my spares are very loose in my 1991 110...
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I guess I’ll turn some delrin rod and make some oversized then...
no, that’s too hard. I’d rather spend 2 hours looking for my spare piece of delrin, spend two hours setting up my mini lathe, another hour to cut the slot in “just the right place”, take out the old bushing, realize there is rust on the hinge bolts, chase rust for a couple hours, forget where I set the new bushings, see a drip of coolant under truck, chase a leak for.....

**** it, I’ll grab the hammer...
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Seems that my fat ones are the anomaly... it’s sounding like my skinny ones are the normal size. I have a few spares coming from Europe and if there are any skinny ones in any of my versions I’ll send them to you!!
I have run into these sort of differences all the time.
Motor mounts can vary as much as an inch, especially on an aftermarket chassis.
Your other option would be to make a metal sleeve with a slot in it to shim the plastic bushing.
The sleeve would have the same opening for the hood hinge with am OD matching your over sized hood mount and an ID that the plastic bushing fits into with clearance to slide for opening and closing the hood.
Thanks-I cut a piece of bike tire inner tube and used it as a shim for now. Works so well I may just leave it alone.
The loops on your truck are probably just stretched. Tap them with a rubber hammer until they fit nbd
I’m not sure now if you were kidding or not. My innertube shim fix finally disappeared and I heard that familiar rattle. I took a rubber hammer, then a dead blow p,astic and finally my big copper mallet. Hinge remains exactly same size, thick as hell and I’ll cave in the bulkhead before relaxing these closed. I’m with Robert on this one— they are different sizes. Cut another inner tube but I’ll make either my own bushings or sleeves. Probably my own bushings— just seems easier.
Really not sure I’d have tried that!!
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