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Bonnet bushing different sizes?

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I noticed that my bonnet bushing was broken so I replaced it with a spare I have on hand. I hear a nasty vibration coming from my hood and to deduced it was a loose bonnet bushing as it is wiggling in the bulkhead bushing holder. I checked its size and the diameter is smaller than the broken one it replaced and smaller than the opposite side. Are there multiple sizes/diameters of these bushes? I ordered #346849. All my spares are very loose in my 1991 110...
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Can you measure the bushing and hinge diameters.
I've had no luck finding good replacements either. The original ones (that were cracked when I got the truck), were the only ones I've received that had a wide enough slot. Every other pair since I've had to widen the slot in the bushing by a couple millimetres. Every other set has also cracked... well except the ones I put in a week ago...
Are you buying genuine ones?
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