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Bonnet bushing different sizes?

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I noticed that my bonnet bushing was broken so I replaced it with a spare I have on hand. I hear a nasty vibration coming from my hood and to deduced it was a loose bonnet bushing as it is wiggling in the bulkhead bushing holder. I checked its size and the diameter is smaller than the broken one it replaced and smaller than the opposite side. Are there multiple sizes/diameters of these bushes? I ordered #346849. All my spares are very loose in my 1991 110...
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no, that’s too hard. I’d rather spend 2 hours looking for my spare piece of delrin, spend two hours setting up my mini lathe, another hour to cut the slot in “just the right place”, take out the old bushing, realize there is rust on the hinge bolts, chase rust for a couple hours, forget where I set the new bushings, see a drip of coolant under truck, chase a leak for.....

**** it, I’ll grab the hammer...
I was really hoping you would make some so I can take your skinny ones. I have new hinges and mine are super tight and break if I try making them work. lol
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