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Best Upholstery for seats?

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Hello all, So I have a D110 that has marine grade vinyl. Great for the wear, but it is HOT here in Houston. Tired of sweaty pants and back. My A/C is just ok, but I was thinking if it was a different material it would be much better. I was thinking a canvas, or perforated type of material. I just would like pictures and suggestions of what is out there. I have the waterproof seat covers on my RRC (knightsbridge overland). The material they use is pretty nice and I'm not nearly as sweaty. Thanks!
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Probably not the best but so far the durability of the G4 material from Exmoor is really nice.
I like the looks of it, just not sure how breathable it is...:confused
Is breathability of upholstery an issue? Not sure that there's any Rx for TX heat in a D, really. Stash it in Crested Butte like the Ft Worth guy that posted here awhile back? My own solution was moving to the PNW...
Perforated vinyl, leather, or cloth is definitely cooler but if you have dark color material and direct sunlight hits them the only option in my opinion is a barrier from the hot touch like good quality seat covers. I live in San Diego and go out to the desert and mountains in the summer and my seat covers prevent us from burning our asses off. I have the thick ballistic material such at the Knightbridge Overland covers that are the best!! I've had neoprene and thin nylon seat covers and they were ok but not as good as the ballistic material.
So my recommendations is not to reupholster unless you need it or want to change the look. Just get good seat covers with a light color. Hope that helps. good luck.
I like the looks of it, just not sure how breathable it is...:confused

Mine is a convertible so when I am not in the truck all of the seats, especially the drivers one, are folded to block as much sun as possible.
Probably not the best but so far the durability of the G4 material from Exmoor is really nice.
Had a G4 Disco for 10 years. They upholstery stood up well, but the outer edge of the driver seat did start to crack. It is vinyl (including the dimpled portion) so it does get hot and sticky in the summer.
I’m 100% satisfied with my Melville & Moon seat covers over stock fabric. That way everything breathes and the original seat is preserved. My G4 material is wearing out too, and I’ll just switch to seat covers from now on.
Any updates on what you went with? In Houston as well, and curious as to what works.
I didn't do anything yet, for now I just bought some Wet Okole seat covers. That shouldn't cook my backside too bad.
What about the techno diy kits from bearmach how are they in the heat? I have the same vinyl sticky seats.
EricTheRed, can you post pics and give some feedback on those okole covers.
Being in the Bahamas, my first thought was keeping cool in a vehicle with no a.c.
I'm always stuck to seats with sweat. My research for the defender brought me to this website.

I bought one kit to do my drivers seat, and just rigged it up on the kitchen table to see if it really cooled.

I bought a cheapo seat cover kit along with new foam with the plan to remove the center sections and put perforated leather to allow for cooling.

My 90 is still just a chassis with suspension, so it will be a while before I can report if it works, but I think it will with the cool that comes out of those Peltier rigs in that kit.


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