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What's your thoughts on the Rover NAS import stop.

  • Not economically viable?

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  • Domestic competitors said "#[email protected]$% - No!" We have nothing to offer as it has and continues to be.

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  • It's complex.

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  • All of the above.

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G'Day All,

3 Days in the wake-up :thumb: (...only if time grew on trees)

I'm overhauling my auto shift box assembly on the rough, e.g., no diagram, DIY, cleaning, inspecting, etc.

1. Micro-contact proximity switches are erratic verified by continuity tests and park-lock solenoid not constantly releasing.

2. Unknow reassembly for bottom-end finger-shift-lock tension spring and associated spring wire-stop.

3. Hand shift lever shaft wont clear micro-switch mount after removal of e-clip and sliding shaft toward passenger sided for anticipated removal. (This is where the upper passenger side micro switch mount obstruction comes into play (casted, e.g., not removable).


D90 NAS CA '97 (Soft-Top of Course -- Wagons Don't do Rain ;)
(I still digress with NA dealerships under factory warranty, e.g., pressure washed my factory cosmoline, RnR, everything possible w/o diagnostic of cause, etc.)
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