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You likely have an ignition problem. The tps typically presents as a consistent problem rather than random. Another possibility is exhaust clogged with cat honeycomb but again constant problem once it happens.

As said find someone competent to replace your distributor, cap, rotor, amplifier, and coil.
Use only components from this company. Do not allow shop to supply parts. If you are unsure what to order message me and I’ll help you. This company, Powersparks is know to supply the highest quality ignition components for your engine. @ this point in your trucks life these should be considered maintenance items.

Many on this site have driven Rover v8’s coast to coast. I drove one 7k miles last summer in a 4 week period, I only put gas in it. They are extremely reliable if a competent mechanic using quality components sets it up.
1 - 1 of 59 Posts